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reptile_cages's Journal

Custom Wood Reptile Cage Company
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This community is dedicated to providing your treasured pets with the best habitats possible. If you are already enjoying our reptile cages, we encourage you to post pictures of your habitat. Let us see how you have it decorated, and we really love to see pictures of your reptiles basking in their home.

If you are looking to purchase a habitat, post your questions here. Do you need suggestions for the perfect size and shape cage for your pet? Do you want ideas for accessories and necessities to make your reptile's home as comfortable as possible? This is the place to ask those questions.

Things to do here:
*Post pictures of your cages and pets
*Ask cage or reptile questions, get answers
*Enter the monthly Habitat contest and maybe win a prize
*Enjoy general discussions about our reptilian friends
*Learn and teach

The only rules we have here are simple rules. Be respectful of each other, and if you post more than one picture, or if your picture is wider than 700 pixels, please use an LJ cut. When you join, please make an intro post, let us know a little about yourself, and how you found us. Photos in your intro post are love!

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